End of year top 5!

End of year list!!
Well, I say year, end of four months. But, I think this has been an excellent year for electronic music. My top five in ascending order are as follows:
5. Silent Servant ‘Negative Fascination’ silent_servant_negative_fascination-530
Dark, spacey and brooding, Silent Servant makes an intoxicating industrial soundscape that draws you in. I love the space age feedback and vocal details that get dropped in as well as the slick bass lines.





swarm4. Albert Swarm ‘Wake’
Albert Swarm marshals noisy textures, strings and dense bass to make one of the prettiest albums of the year that makes you dance. Of all the hydrid/experimental releases, I enjoyed this the most.





RobertHood3. Robert Hood ‘Motor Nighttime World 3’. It’s really hard not to like anything Robert Hood has released or a the vey least be in awe of it. ‘Hate Transmission’ is a triumph on here. This is a powerful album with strong, well developed ideas that just work.





Perceiver 2. Peter Van Hoesen  ‘Perceiver’. It was a tough decision between Robert Hood and Peter Van Hoesen, but ‘Perceiver’ is just too moody and dissonant to ignore. The textures and sheer variation of sounds used make this a behemoth.





194 - cover

1. OGRE ‘194’. It had to be OGRE’s debut because I have heard nothing even close or like it this year or even last year. Beautiful atmospheric sounds, sparkling ideas, all in all this manages to be interesting and fun.

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