Kris Wadsworth – Life and Death

We are all told not to judge a book (or an album etc) by its cover, but, if you ever were to, let it be
‘Life and Death’ by Kris Wadsworth because the album is as good as its simply awesome cover (I’ll put a big pic in here). This record has all the design, energy and synergy of a mighty debut. ‘Life and Death’ is a true deep house album, minimal but perfectly balanced. At the end of the album is a continuous mix which I like the most. Carefully chosen, scurrilous, vocal features get dropped in at times that keep this an interesting listen as well as danceable record; at points the vocals are sincere, at times cynical, self aware and pointed discussing fame, attitudes and falsehood – especially the track ‘Famous Anus’. My only criticism would be that this could benefit from a little more bass but nevertheless it is a behemoth of gritty, analogue beats that sees Wadsworth moving away from the purer Detroit sound – which he more than nods to – to an increasingly personal sound and space, ‘666’ is a good example of this.
Great album…
‘Life and Death’ came out on 30th of November

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