Legowelt – The Paranormal Soul

legoweltEveryone seems to have been talking about Legowelt’s latest offering (Pitchfork’s standard ‘it’s not trendy 6/10’ always demands attention) so I thought I’d listen for myself. I have come across Legowelt before but usually in the ‘old school’ of  90’s house which increasingly seems to be a relegation zone for people working back then. I went back an listened to his earlier work and I enjoy the Chicago/Deep House part a lot, but I do find that I am listening to work very much set in its time.

Anyway, ‘The Paranormal Soul’ is an uneven ride in many ways; it opens with a very modern techno sounds that are low and heavy for the first track ‘Danger in the Air’, but, rapidly moves back to a distinctly 90s feel in the tracks ‘Clap Yo Hands’ and ‘Elements of Houz Music’. ‘Clap Yo Hands’ has a vocal sample that actually could have been left out because it very soon feels old. But, the pitch bending synths and hissing snares are enjoyable despite this. ‘Elements of Houz Music’ is a serious throw back to earlier house has a great beat and bass pattern but this is spoilt by the overlaid drones. ‘Sketches’ is an enjoyable track (they all are really) but for every fresh influence or sound there will be another feature that just does not do it for me.

Dammit, grudgingly, guiltily, compromised because I don’t like to be negative, I just have to agree with Pitchfork. this time. Too much of what feels like nostalgia to me.


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