Aninha – 1989/Points of Light

Aninha has been causing quite a stir recently so I gladly take this opportunity to talk about her work. ‘1989/Points of Light’ came out earlier this month and is worth lots of your attention.

‘1989’ has a hard kick to it and some well placed light hand claps and percussive details. This is followed by a dense, tripping bass line that has a solid groove. What is most notable is Aninha’s ability to keep the percussive features interesting and contributing to the overall track, but, all while constantly playing with the structure of the track.
‘Points of Light’ is more atmospheric. Aninha includes some vocal and breathing samples but also piano notes and digital sounds. This is a more relaxed track than ‘1989’; this picks up when the bass line drops in and out twisting and rising into the groove but still retains the laid back feel. I like the vocal features a lot, Aninha manages to be innovative and minimal very adeptly across both these tracks. The keyboard tones (or are they piano or organ?) that work away make this a humid, sultry track when combined with the vocals. In addition to the kick and hand-clap there is the occasional patter of hand drum hits which build up the sound pallet, but again, without making this track any less minimal.

It is a nice little single, my only complaint is that it ends so soon.


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