Mick Finesse – Spatial Anxiety

Is this deep-dubstep? does that even exist? Or is it IDM?  whatever the label this is an experimental EP and a pretty adventurous one too. 

Spatial Anxiety is a longer EP coming in at 7 tracks including a few remixes. ‘Concept Trauma’ has a hard kick to it and twitchy lighter percussion. This is a more minimal track but it has some nice sound features that enter about half way through. The beat intensifies at this point also becoming more detailed.

‘Mettle Debris’ keeps the hard kick sounds but brings in bigger, noisier industrial hits and darker electronic glitches. The way Finesse organises his tracks is well designed, they evolve very gradually streamlining the sounds together. The noisy textures on here really work well and develops the ‘spatial’ theme this EP’s title suggests.

‘The Ebb of the Crime’ is the first track with an alternative mix directly after it. The initial fluctuating noisy texture is soon filled with a growing bass note that develops to have a slight wobble to it. The toned percussion – or are they noisy harmonics – makes this a darker, more atmospheric and moody listen. The ambient sound gets bigger towards the end though, expanding to become a larger feature part of the track, intensifying all the components.

The Cassegrain mix is a good addition here, it isn’t  always to an EP/albums advantage to have an alternative mix follows an original like this but it works well here because Cassegrain moves away from the original quite distinctively. The percussion is more intricate here, the same atmospheric sounds remain but are more condensed in the background of the track whilst the beat takes the front. This is still a noisy track through and a good one.

The Concept of Trauma has a TVO mix also (Version1 and Version 2). Version 1 here is more spaced out and ambient, its even pretty and has a brighter overall sound and quite a careful percussive track. The lighter,breezy sounds in the background bring back a sense of space into this track where previously the EP was becoming dense and close. This mix benefits from being a bit longer also – which isn’t something I say often – because it is more relaxed and interesting for being able to explore different ideas.

‘Mettle Debris’ has a Tengui Mettle Jacket mix also that is a 10min noisy behemoth. It just gets noisier and larger and larger..and that is how it stays, escalating noise and rough textures slowly modulating up and down. Given the content of this track, its length isn’t necessarily advantage although it does has some interesting sounds going on and I like the sounds of birds and undergrowth towards the end of the track and it is well worked in the way it unfolds.

Concept Trauma Version 2, another TVO mix ends this EP. This version of Concept Trauma begins  with some spindly, brittle keyboard sounds which do test your will-power a bit, but this then become a Robert Rich style humid, ambient track but then the sounds from the start of the track return, and although not necessarily progressing the track, do bring in some other sounds and hissing textures that work well with the percussive ambient work. This eventually develops a brief kick under the tendrils of electronics. It’s actually a great track with a lot going on and a positive end.


Spatial Anxiety came out on the 15th on Broken20.


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