Danny Cosa – Jungle Night

Danny Cosa makes deep house and techno. ‘Jungle Night’ came out on Gee Spot Recordings on the 10th.

Track one, ‘Jungle Night’ is a upbeat fun track, the pattering light drum skin hits really pull everything (which is a complex pattern alongside the kick etc) together on here coherently . The bass is a rolling hum that fits right in, it compliments the drums tracks too making the track feel well balanced. The reverb and echo background sounds are well chosen and help render the rest of the track. There are the breaks in places that bring in some synth and key sounds and these break the track up to build the tension/release structure.

‘Ola’ that comes next is more minimal to start with featuring  kick, clap and hi-hats and Cosa uses these as a backdrop to make some more interesting sound features – waves and feedback. There is a sound that he used in the last track that was positive which was the bright drop sound that gives the respective track greater depth by having a distinctive top end. Cosa’s basslines are good in general and here is no exception, the way – I think – he uses them to emphasise the return to the main beat feature works well. The vocal snippets (saying Ola) also keep this interesting.

‘Pressure Point’ is a shift again but keeps the warm, breezy feel by using light sounding hand drum hits. The dense chiming hits – that sound like the bell of a ride (maybe) – are a good feature. ‘Pressure Point’ has a great mid to high register groove again like ‘Jungle Night’. This is an intense track though and made more so by the glitchy vocal features paired with a fuzzy loop that goes alongside. It’s a nice track.

This is a really sweet little single, and worth your time (and money, so he can make more).

Listen to more of his work on his soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/dannycosa/tracks



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