Mesquitas – Perceive Perception EP

Dj Mesquitas (aka Rafael Bueno de Mesquita)is underrated given that he  makes really awesome minimal, deep house and techno

The opener on this three track EP is ‘Claire’s Riddle’  which has a hard powerful sound to it. The kick drum is heavy and dense but this is balanced nicely with a looser shake in the background and some brighter toms also. The kick beat gets built up with a snare hit too; the percussion generally is tight and deep and progresses well, becoming softer and moving back in the mix. There are some more melodic features also, the synths drop in sporadically in the first half but after halfway they take a more dominant role sounding abrasive and electro at times but glossy and crafted at others.

The next track ‘Mesia’ has a great tempo and the use of drum kit sounds (snare and hi-hat) is really cool on top of the kick thump. The sounds over the top are a lot more adventurous and interesting on here including modulated vocal samples and some metallic percussive work that roll around the front and back of the track, building to involve – what sounds like – the muted upstroke on a guitar also. There are some yawing feedback samples also that build a noisy crescendo that peaks only to return to the sweet groove from before. The subtle digital glitch sounds that appear towards the end of the track are good too and flesh this out into being an exciting track.

The final track ‘Mr. Dirty Fingers’, opens with a low tripping wave that gets built on to include the same snare/cymbal’s from before. This track has another leading beat on it also but rather than fill the whole track it works alongside the sounds, loops and feedback sections (ranging from drum hits to light, brittle electronic sounds). This is an intense track with a lot going on for the most part made so mostly through the kick drum’s busy beat pattern. There are well placed variations in here, the juxtaposition of different organic/electronic/sampled sound patterns and loops work well to make this another interesting track but not at the expense of  groove that ‘Mr.Dirty Fingers’ has plenty of.

This is a percussion heavy EP but to its strength, strong low end beats but with a varied and adventurous range of instruments and sounds at the top of the mix too. Really worth a listen and I’m looking forward to more.

Perceive Perception came out on Lokomotif recordings on the 14th.

You can check out more of Mesquitas work that includes a podcast you can subscribe to on his soundcloud here:


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