Eat Dessert First

‘Eat Dessert First’ is the second compilation  by Bulgarian beat collective ‘WTF is Swag’  featuring a range of beat producers and DJ’s material that came out at the end of August.

The compilation comes on a cassette with a single use download code (why doesn’t this happen more?) and if that wasn’t enough you get a set of stickers too. On the case it said that you get 2-3 depending on your luck, the copy here came with 8 which is decent of those guys. But the format is worth mentioning because it is indicative of the level of care WTF is Swag put into their work – and also humour: ‘all rights reserved bitch’.

So, the compilation itself is an eclectic listen covering a range of different approaches ranging from techno to 8-bit in places. It’s a 18 tracks so I’m not going to go through each track but there were several that I thought were ace.

‘Little Paper Bag’ by ‘Michael Valentine West’ is a mid-tempo fuzzed out track but with a neat percussion track. There are references to Kraftwerk in here in the vocals and, although possibly less intentionally, the way the track pans. The composition brings in a lot of different sounds  – like a guitar solo at one point whilst the supporting beats move through reverbed phases and quieter sections before getting big again.

‘Maison Rumble’ by ‘RPG-H8R is a freaked out dubby bass and glitch track with kick drum hits forming the mid ground while the real low end is made up of the moving moving synths. The glitching vocal feature over the top gives this track a sense of space whilst there is actually a lot going on. This would be amazing through a giant system.

‘Controller of Memories’ by ‘Valance Drakes’ falls into the techno classification albeit with noisy electronic textures that echo and roll around. The beats and textures form a very precise and complex feel to this track, helped by the constantly shifting, constantly changing progressions sometimes sharp and noisy but then bass heavy and twisting.

Yeah it’s well worth a listen,  I hope WTF keep putting out work like this – it’s hard to get over that this is only the second release, its really good.

Get it here:




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