Kid606 – Lost in the Game

Kid606, (actual name Miguel Trost De Pedro) is a hard one to peg because his music doesn’t immediately fit a specific genre. His work has been described as ‘uniquely reckless, fucked up and beautiful’ (LittleBig) which is actually very fitting. This is a good chill out album, there is nothing bad about it, in fact there are many positive features, but it isn’t attention grabbing as his earlier work nor is it as laid back as an ambient album for example. High production standards go without saying so this is going to concentrate on the content mostly.

‘Lost in the Game’ is Kid606’s most recent release that came out September 18th on Tigerbeat6. I know him for his work best from ‘Songs About Fucking Steve Albini’ (2010) but ‘Lost in the Game’ is a distinct progression from then having more fuzz, noise and more ambitions. Kid606 hasn’t lost his liking for good titles either ‘Godspeed you African American Emperor’ is no exception and demonstrates a lot of the albums qualities that include bright textures, big sounds, subtle low ends and crisp sounding beats. However, ‘Godspeed you African American Emperor’ does lack some of Kid606’s glitch inspiration that could have punctuated this track a bit. It’s a dreamy, relaxed track though. The next track ‘Gimme Summer’ throws a greater glitch feel into the beats though in a broken up rhythm that sits fairly low in the mix to make space for the synths. ‘Gimme Summer’ has these warm, heavy chords that fill your ears, then over the top is a higher pitched melody –  Kid606 throughout this album manages to produce really inventive melodies that are experimental but keeping with the ethos of the whole record. The tempo on these fist two tracks is fairly laid back but this picks up on ‘New Boss Same As Old Boss’ that has a bigger bass line and generally denser feel in comparison with the previous work.

This album on the whole is closer to IDM than Kid606’s other releases earlier this year imo, he keeps a bright rendering on everything and whilst for any one track on its own this is fine, over a full album some of the more recurring  sounds can start to seem a bit too familiar. That said, he knows how to keep a listener involved and those sounds are still fresh and beautiful. ‘I Want To Join A Cult’ and ‘Meeguk So Horny’ have bigger percussion tracks on them and this is a good progression for the album overall because it brings some more detailed bass in that Kid606 is quite hesitant to use at times, despite his abilities. He also starts to bring in some synth and keyboard sounds that remind me of The Knife, paired with bigger bass lines again. One of the stand-out tracks on the whole album for me is ‘Step Into The Light You Fucking Idiot’ which is a lot more expansive, intense and more dramatic; there is definitive beat and the track is closer and held together with a subtle, fluttering drum pattern. Then enter some pan-pipes, but then it ends abruptly which feels like a bit of a let down. For everything it is though, it is good. ‘Left Hand Pathfinder’ is as dark as the last track and is more reflective. Sadly,  the remaining three tracks are less involving than the first two thirds of the album. The same sounds a textures keep appearing, which is common place on most albums of  course but these were not especially involving. ‘I Need To Start A Cult’ is more ambitious and is generally a bigger, heavier track in what it does, but the two tracks around it were a little repetitive and just less involving/exicting.

This isn’t a bad album by any stretch – in fact its pretty good and in places it really comes together but in others – particularly towards the end it lacks audacity; it leaves a listener wanting more by the places that pushed the envelope but unaffected by numerous others. 


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