Peter Van Hoesen – Perceiver

I’m a big Peter Van Hosen fan. He makes brilliant dub techno and his work spread across several EP’s and an album (‘Perceiver’ is his second album release) has always been continuously adventurous, challenging and interesting. ‘Perceiver’ is no exception to this and makes headway exploring different sounds and approaches, more so than 2010’s ‘Entropic City’ (which was also excellent).
‘Perceiver’ covers a lot of ground and the total time reflects this with the longest track, ‘Attribute 39’ coming in at around 7minutes but there is never a dull moment on this album. The earlier part of the album brings Andy Stott’s work to mind with reverberating bass lines and use of low end noise floors but what sets Van Hoesen above similar releases is his boldness in trying new structures, in some tracks there are several different sound ‘events’ or simply put: changes that keep you involved but these are synthesised perfectly and never come across as disjointed or superficial. ‘Seven, Green and Black’ is one of my favourites off the album for its variety of light and heavy sounds and overall moody atmosphere. Hoesen is unafraid to be dissonant also making for the interesting textures I mentioned before.
Towards the middle of the album the overall sound of the tracks becomes noisier and more complex – ‘Attack on the Reality Principle’ does this balancing heavily processed but carefully made beats into complex rhythms. Perceiver has its share of bangers too though, ‘Nefertiti/Always Beyond’ has a heavy trace rhythm and drops in samples of electric bass. The first half of the album probably goes past the fastest but not to the detriment of the overall work. The latter half is more hard hitting than before and I think the tracks ‘Decoder’ and ‘Attribute 39’ demonstrate Van Hoesen’s ability to make a hook out of quite industrial sounding percussion. ‘Attribute 39’ particularly is just perfect minimal to my ears isolating different textures and sounds that are buried deep inside the track and expanding on them.
My only issue with this album is there is a couple of fillers on here ‘Raptures Coming’ for example isn’t as exciting as the other work on here but that is about all I can bring against this.
I loved this album, potentially my electronic album of the year so far.

Perceiver came out on Time to Express Belgian Records on the 3rd September. Get it here:


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