Phoebe Kiddo

Phoebe Kiddo makes sometimes noisy, dissonant and experimental, sometimes smooth and serene, but always beautiful, beats. Initially I wanted to describe her music as house but she really occupies her own space. You can hear Brian Eno/Stars of the Lid (if you want to) in her work but there is a whole plethora of different fragments in that come together in a sphere of spacey sounds grounded in lovely percussion; I don’t know how she does it but the beats have this atmospheric echo to them but are still really solid.Image. I saw her in Berlin at the Prince Charles where I believe she is based at the moment and it was ace. Her production is perfect and shifts in dynamics were just eye-opening, there would be a fairly intense track with clustered beats and several layers that moved beautifully into the sounds of a single piano being hit. Her use of bass/low-end in the basic percussion of her work is very innovative with sounds that you could find in an industrial track if you wished but in this context comes across as dubby and atmospheric adding to the vibrancy of the overall sound – it feels alive. I’m not going to throw labels at this music but IDM with emphasis on the ‘I’ could be one. Highly recommended, I just hope she tours more.

There is an album and an EP due this January on a US label (although surely Ostgut will pay attention) but in the meantime you can hear one of her tracks on Soundcloud: and read about her projects through her homepage:

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