Necro Deathmort

Necro Deathmort sound like they should be a crust punk band, but  I think this name is somewhat tongue-in-cheek. That being said the music of previously mentioned Necro Deathmort is an eclectic mix of noise, electronics, industrial sounds, doom and some really pretty ambient moments that just keeps you involved – it’s experimental and unpredictable and stronger for it. I love the variety and the more industrial moments that manage to shift to droning, crushing riffs. This kind of music needs to be so carefully produced and distractionrecords have done a great job of making sure Deathmort sound great on the record. ‘Music of Bleak Origin’ is the band’s second album (the first being ‘This Beat Is Necrotronic’ (2009)) and manages to be varied without becoming fragmented. Devestating Vector is my favourite track of this album (closely followed by Blizzard), the drum track is has this bright resonance to its hits and this is paired with heavy, compressed bass to make a dark, brooding sound.

Highly recommended if you want something interesting and challenging. Necro Deathmort. Genuinely progressive and intelligent.


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