I was very excited to see that Small But Hard Records would be having a showcase at Supersonic Festival on October 19th. Supersonic has a fantastic line-up this year (buy your tickets: – I’m especially looking forward to Tim Hecker’s set on Sunday but then also Dope Body whose most recent album blew my fuses.
However, I will talk in rapturous cadences about that in another post because I wanted to talk about SbH and DEVILMAN who are simply amazing. I love this band. Devilman are:
Shigeru Ishihara – Bass, Gorgonn – Electronics/ Dubwise and Taigen Kawabe – Voice and they play bass heavy electronic noise very loud and very well. Their music is just laden with excess and is all the better for it. I’m particularly fond of Kawabe’s vocals which fit the huge bass and electronics perfectly managing to be hysterical and crazed but controlled, they add a great additional dimension to the band’s sound and ethos. The production of the recorded material I have heard manages to do them justice (album due October 15th on SbH) but I would see Devilman live asap and get destroyed. SbH also have DJ Scotch Bonnet and Koyxen who I’m going to talk about properly soon. But for now…Devilman, seriously.

Watch their new video for Bakan Q here:  It’s both awesome and hilarious.


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